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Economic Perspectives

Economic Perspectives Economic Perspectives

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Chief Investment Officer and Economist for whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场, Steve Scranton, will be providing his perspective on important economic issues as we navigate the economy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sign up for his emails below.

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About the Author

Steve Scranton
Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer and Economist

Steve is the Chief Investment Officer & Economist for whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场 and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst® designation with over 35 years of investment experience. As whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场’s Chief Investment Officer, Steve is responsible for management of the Portfolio Management Group and works closely with clients and relationship managers to design, implement and monitor investment and risk management strategies. Throughout the Pacific Northwest, Steve is a well-known speaker on the economic conditions and the world securities markets. He also actively participates on committees within the bank to help design strategies and policies related to bank-owned investments. Steve serves as the economist for whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场 and participates in public speaking engagements, as well as authoring multiple communications, to keep our clients informed of economic and investment market conditions.



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