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International Services

International Services

As you enter or expand into the global marketplace, whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场 can provide you with counseling services and payment products to help increase your sales, reduce your costs and minimize the risks associated with international transactions. Note that certain products require prior credit approval.

Trade Finance Products

There are four primary methods of payment whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 to exporters and importers of goods and services. Each represents a different level of risk to either party in a transaction.

The methods are: payment in advance, open account, documentary letter of credit and documentary collection. Payment in advance and open account terms involve just the buyer and seller and represent the highest level of risk to one party or the other. To reduce the level of risk, banks serve as intermediaries by offering letter of credit and documentary collection services.

Documentary Letter of Credit1

A documentary letter of credit is issued by the importer’s bank on behalf of the importer and details the terms and conditions of a shipment to be initiated by the exporter. The exporter’s bank and importer’s bank will review the documents for compliance to the documentary letter of credit. Compliance assures that the importer will receive the expected product and the exporter will receive the expected payment.

Documentary Collection

A documentary collection sends the shipping documents through the banking system without the banks’ review. However, the documents are not released to the importer without its agreement to make the payment to the exporter.

Standby Letter of Credit1

A standby letter of credit represents a secondary method of payment and mitigates the risk of possible payment failure of one of the four primary payment methods. Purposes include a bid or performance bond, support for a loan or unpaid invoices made on an open account transaction.

A standby letter of credit can be used for international trade or domestic purposes.

Foreign Exchange Products2

Foreign Exchange products are whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 only to whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场 customers.

Wire transfers

Send or receive payments denominated in foreign currency and U.S. dollars. For incoming foreign wires in either foreign currency or U.S. dollars, please follow WTB’s incoming wire instructions. Our SWIFT code is WTBAUS66.

Forward contracts1

Secure foreign exchange rates for a future delivery date to protect profit margins.

Foreign drafts

Provide drafts that are payable in a foreign currency.

Foreign check clearing

Deposit checks drawn on banks outside the U.S. that are denominated in either U.S. dollars or foreign currency.

Foreign currency banknotes

Buy or sell 90+ varieties of foreign currency banknotes.

Foreign Accounts Receivable Insurance

An exporter can offer open account payment terms to a buyer for a greater chance of a sale, but with an increased risk of non-payment. By obtaining credit insurance on the buyer, the risk is significantly reduced and can be used to create collateral to support working capital financing needs. whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场 can help in finding the most appropriate insurance coverage.

SBA Export Loan Guaranty Programs

whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场 is an active Small Business Administration (SBA) lender and is involved with SBA’s three export loan guaranty programs:

International Trade Loan1

Term loans to businesses that plan to start or continue exporting or that have been adversely affected by competition from imports. Funds can be used for the acquisition, construction, renovation, modernization, improvement or expansion of long-term fixed assets; or re-financing of debt and working capital. Maximum lending amount is $5,000,000.

Export Express1

Helps businesses develop/expand their export markets. Maximum lending amount is $500,000.

Export Working Capital1

Targeted to businesses that are able to generate export sales and need additional working capital to support such sales. Funds can be used for transaction financing from purchase order to final collections. Maximum lending amount is $5,000,000.

  1. Subject to credit approval.
  2. Foreign exchange products and services are whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 only to whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场 customers.
Doug Kemper
Doug Kemper
Vice President & Director of International whh万豪会赌场ing
  1. 206.515.4771
  2. 601 Union Street Ste 4747
    Seattle, WA 98101

With over 40 years of International whh万豪会赌场ing experience across the Pacific Northwest, Doug provides counsel to business clients on international payment products, foreign exchange, and trade finance. He also manages international provider vendor relationships for the bank.

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