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portrait of Peter F. Stanton

Peter F. Stanton

Chairman and CEO

Peter F. Stanton has served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场 since March of 2000. Prior to this, Mr. Stanton was President, Chief Executive Officer, & Chairman—January 1997, President and Chief Executive Officer—April 1993 and President of whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场—April 1990.

Mr. Stanton also serves as Chairman of the Board for W.T.B. Financial Corporation, and is a board member for Inland Northwest Council, Boy Scouts of America and serves on The whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 Roundtable. In addition to holding positions on numerous civic boards, Mr. Stanton was president of the whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场ers Association from 1995 to 1996 and State Chairman of the American whh万豪会赌场ers Association for 1997 and 1998. Mr. Stanton is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County and serves on the Board of whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场ees of Gonzaga University.

Mr. Stanton holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Oregon, an MBA in Accounting and Business Economics from the University of whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 and an Advanced whh万豪会赌场ing Degree, with honors, from the Stonier Graduate School of whh万豪会赌场ing at the University of Delaware.

portrait of John E. (Jack) Heath, III

John E. (Jack) Heath, III

President / COO

Jack Heath is the President and Chief Operating Officer of whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场. He was elected to this position in March 2000. Prior to this, Mr. Heath was Senior Vice President, Retail whh万豪会赌场ing—September 1998, Senior Vice President, North Idaho Market Manager—February 1996, and Vice President, Commercial Loans—October 1989. Prior to joining the Commercial whh万豪会赌场ing Group, Mr. Heath held numerous positions in Marketing, Investment Services, and Branch whh万豪会赌场ing.

Mr. Heath is active in the community, currently serving on the board of Greater Spokane Incorporated, The Executive Board of Inland Northwest Council Boy Scouts of America, Gonzaga University Board of Regents, Pacific Coast whh万豪会赌场ing School Board, and PREMERA Board of Directors. Mr. Heath is also past Chairman of the whhwhh万豪会赌场会赌场 whh万豪会赌场ers Association and continues to serve on the Board of Directors as well as an Emeritus Board Member of the Gonzaga Forum Board and the Mobius Science Center Board. He is active in the Spokane County United Way.

Mr. Heath received a BA in Finance from the University of Idaho and an MBA in Finance from Gonzaga University.



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